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All My Times members get...

Running club / social group pages showing members times and profiles.

Create a full list of your own race times or simply list your latest.
Your own public profile webpage.
Graph results, calculate pb's, list milestones, share on social media.
Easy to use on computers and phones.

Record all your running race results and share with friends

allmytimes makes it easy for you to manage and record a full record of all the race results you have ever done – anywhere, any when.

  • Its a clearly presented archive of your race information.
  • Or if you want to simply start from today, it's a great way to let people know what races you have just done.

For runners of all abilities and ages

Whether you have just started running or you are an active club runner, this is the place to store and share all of your times. This site is designed to be fun, easy to use and secure. We hope you will enjoy being able to manage all of your results in one place.

For just £1 per month, you can publish your own personal allmytimes web page to the world. The site provides graphs of performance, lists of PB's and highlights significant milestones.

Share with your club / group

With your permission your clubs can use your results to display every member's information on a free club allmytimes webpage. This web page is available to affiliated clubs and social groups.

If you need more help

Please visit the how it works page.  The site is really easy to use. You can login and use the trial site for 1 month for free. So give it a go. Come on in  - welcome!


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